Alexander Andreevich Samarskii (1919-2008) is the founder of the national mathematical modeling, the leading expert in the field of computational mathematics, mathematical physics, theory of difference schemes, numerical simulation of complex nonlinear systems. He is the creator of the theory of operator-difference schemes, general theory of stability of difference schemes. 

Since 1948, together with Academician A.N. Tikhonov, A.A. Samarskii developed numerical methods and conducted the first in the USSR direct calculations of explosive power of nuclear, and later - of the hydrogen bomb, which were in a good agreement with the field tests. In these studies, he laid the foundation for the mathematical modeling and created the most important principles for the design and validation of difference schemes and parallel computing. 

Since the 1960s, A.A. Samarskii along with his students was involved in the problems of laser fusion, magnetic and radiation gas dynamics, creating of high-power lasers, aerodynamics, nuclear energy, plasma physics and many others.

A.A Samarskii  is the co-author of the scientific discovery "The effect of the T-layer", which is listed in the State Register of Discoveries of the USSR under the number 55 with a priority of 1965 - the first recorded event detected first in the computer, and only then in the real experiment. 

A.A. Samarskii wrote personally or co-authored a large number of monographs and textbooks that have become reference books for a large number of specialists. Joint with A.N. Tikhonov book "Equations of Mathematical Physics" was reprinted many times, has been translated into 13 languages and has long since become a classic. 

In 1966, A.A. Samarskii was elected a corresponding member, and in 1976 - a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He is a Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes and M.V. Lomonosov Prize, three Orders of Lenin, Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the Red Banner, the Order of Friendship of Peoples of Russia, the Order of Glory and the Patriotic War 1st degree, awarded medals "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War", "For the Defense of Moscow" and many others. 

A.A.Samarskii is the Emeritus Professor of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Honorary Doctor of the Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany), Professor Emeritus of the University of Tbilisi and the Taganrog Radio Engineering University. 

Among the students of A.A. Samarskii were 3 Academicians and 2 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, more than 100 candidates (PhD), of whom more than 40 became doctorates. Scientific schools created with the direct participation of A.A. Samarskii are now active not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.