Goloviznin Vasiliy Mikhailovich

Doctor of Science, Professor.

Born on March 8, 1950, in the town of Aldan of Yakut Region.

In 1967, he graduated from school No. 2 of the town Vyatskie Polyany of the Kirov Region. In the same year, he entered the Physical and Quantum Electronics Faculty of MIPT. At the 3rd year of education he transferred to the newly formed Faculty of Management and Applied Mathematics. He graduated in 1973 and was stydying in post-graduate school (1973–1976).

Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences (1977), the dissertation title: «Methods of numerical solution of some 2D problems of hydrodynamics» (scientific supervisor A.A. Samarskii). Doctor of Science (1987), the dissertation title: «Variation-difference models of continuum medium in gas dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics». Academic title - Professor (1991).

Member of the Scientific Council of the Nuclear Safety Institute, of three dissertation councils and several scientific advice boards on numerical methods and continuum mechanics in the department of Russian Academy of Sciences and scientific organizations of "Rosatom". Member of the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident in 1986. He was awarded the medal "For rescue of perishing" (1997).

In the 1976-1991 period he worked in the branch of I.V. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, where he passed all stages from the research assistant to the chief of the laboratory. In 1989 he was transferred to the main work in the newly formed Institute for Safe Development of Nuclear Energy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1991-1997 he was the Head of the Mathematics Division, 1997 - Director of the Department of mathematical modeling and information technologies. In the 1992-1998 - he was the Deputy head of the department of security problems of modern energy technologies of MIPT.

At the Moscow State University, he was working part-time since 1977, first at the Department of Computational Mathematics and since 1982 - in the department of computational methods as an Assistant (1977-1990), Professor (since 1991).

The major research interests of V.M. Goloviznin are associated with the development of highly efficient computational algorithms for the equations of mathematical physics, in particular, with the use of variational principles for the construction of difference schemes in Lagrange variables for the equations of hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics, and development of a new approach to the approximation of the convective terms in the problems with the dominant grid transfer (Scheme CABARET) .

At the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, V.M. Goloviznin in different years  read courses "A variational approach to the construction of difference schemes of gas dynamics", "Methods for solving systems of hyperbolic equations", "Methods for the numerical solution of problems of underground hydrodynamics", "Additional chapters of numerical methods" (with V.F. Tishkin).

He prepared 18 candidates of scence.

Author of over 150 scientific papers, including:

On the use of the principle of least action for the construction of discrete mathematical models in magnetohydrodynamics // Dokl. USSR Academy of Sciences, 1979, vol. 246, № 5 (with Samarskii A.A., Favorksii A.P.);

Difference approximation of convective transport with spatial splitting of the time derivative // Mat. Model, 1998, vol. 10, No. 1, p. 86-100 (with Samarskii A.A.);

Some properties of the difference scheme "Cabaret" // Mat. Model, 1998, vol. 10, No. 1, p. 101-116 (with Samarskii A.A.);

Balance-characteristic method for solving the equations of gas dynamics // Dokl. Science, 2005, vol. 403, № 4, p. 1-6;

New Efficient High-Resolution Method for Nonlinear Problems in Aeroacoustics // AIAA Journal, 2007, v. 45, N. 12, pp. 2861-2871 (with S. Karabasov).